Lots of Announcements!


So I have a lot of announcements today! Yay.

  1.  I have been putting together a photo studio area for anybody to use.  It’s mainly small sets & scenes that will be on rotation from month to month.  I will be also uploading tutorials about SL photography and photoshop over the next few months.
  2. KoKoLoReS has released a new hair.  Shown in this picture but look for another blog that will show off the hair better this week.
  3.  I have a new sponsor and look for a couple of blogs about them in the future.  http://heartonmyslve.blogspot.com/      Heart on my sleeve is an adorable little heart – yes, attaches to your sleeve.  It’s a new dating program where you can load the heart up with your dating information and people can click the heart and see your profile.  It will also let you know who likes you!  (Video of this coming soon)

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