Role play

Oddly, even in combat, you’ll need to “emote” / “roleplay” right in the thick of battle.  The purpose is to cause delay and give more opportunities for the other side to shoot the fuck out of you while you are busy typing out a sentence.

All emotes consist of 10 words or more.  If you are short words and the line might be considered invalid; you will have to re-type it over. There are some aholes that do actually count each word.

Samples lines below:

Binding (Sometimes you just need 1 line and sometimes you need 3.  It depends on the sim.  1 line = 10 words.  3 lines = 30 words or more)

Binding means once the other person is knocked down.  A red bubble will appear around the avie’s body.  Type out your line/lines and then click on the red bubble with your mouse.

A menu will appear and you will need to pick the option to tie the person up.

The name of the person you are tying up must be in the binding emote! (or it will be invalid)

                A (1 LINE)

/me gets out a rope and ties up “Name of person”; binding up their wrists and ankles and making a long leash.

                B. (3 LINES)

/me gets out a rope and begins to bind up “Name of person”

/me binds up their wrists and then finishes binding their ankles too

/me secures everything with several knots and makes a long leash

Steal Keys: Stealing a key is where you have somebody bound up and you drag them to the door to steal their keys.  This usually requires 1 or 2 lines.(Depends on the sim rules)

Having a key to get through doors will make it a lot easier for you and your team.  You will need the name of the person in your emote that you are stealing keys from.

                A (1 LINE)

                /me drags “Name of the person” to the door and searches their pockets; finding a key and trying the door with it.

                B (2 LINES)

                /me drags “name of person” to the big door and searches their body for any keys that might work in this door.

                /me finds the key and inserts key into the door lock and opens the door.

Unbinding yourself:  During combat at some point, you will be bound up.  Most sim rules will allow you to unbind yourself so you can get back into the fight.  On average it’s around 10 minutes.

(Each sim is different – so read the rules first-Some sims, you won’t even need an unbind line) If you are allowed to unbind – you may need 1 emote of 10 words or more.

A.      (1 LINE)

/me wiggles in my binds on the cold dirty ground enough to untie myself.

Unbinding others:  You may have the opportunity to unbind somebody else on your team.  Some sims just require 1 emote or no emotes. (Read rules first)

A.      (1 LINE)

/me pulls out a knife and hacks off the binds from “Name of person”

Leashing:  After you have bound up somebody; you might need to drag them somewhere. (Usually to a cage or to the docks) Most sims don’t require a emote but there are

Still some that require 1 emote.  You click on their binds with your mouse and choose the option to grab leash after you type out your emote.

A.      (1 LINE)

/me grabs “Name of person” leash and prepares to drag them with me.

Sailing:  Once you are ready to sail; you’ll need one emote and you need to be located on the sailing docks.

                A (1LINE)

                /me trudges onto the boat, books passage and sails my happy butt home.

Sailing with a captive:  If you are sailing a captive back to your sim; you will need 1 emote with the name of the person and the location that you are going too.

                A (1 LINE)

                /me pulls “name of person” onto the boat with me.  Ties them to the mast and sails back to “name of location.”

Sailing your enemy:  If your team has won the battle and you have everybody bound up on the opposite team; you’ll have to take them to the docks and sail them off.

You will need 1 emote with their name for this.

                A (1 LINE)

                /me drags “name of person” boat and has the captain sail them to their homeland.

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