Starting out in Gor

What is Gor?

Gor is a bunch of books written by John Norman.  I think there’s 29 books but don’t quote me.  I have only read the first few.

The books are very adult themed with rampant sex scenes, rape, enslavement, violence, battles etc.   From there, the Gor community in Second life has perverted this idea even more and turned these books into a roleplaying/combat game.

So if you are faint of heart, this isn’t the game for you.

What I will be going over is GE Gor which means Gor Evolved.  There’s also another section of the Gor Community and that’s BTB.  (Which means By The Book and it mainly focuses on roleplaying as opposed to combat. They follow the books more closely and GE really doesn’t)

First step:

Go get a Gorean combat meter and set it up.

Landmark here

You need one to even be allowed on any GE combat sims.  If you don’t have one; you will most likely be ejected.


Decide what character you want.  There’s not a whole lot of choices because you really have to be in human form only.  (No elves here. Cries)

Men:  Freeman or Thrall(which is a male slave)

Women: Freewoman or slave

If you decide to go into BTB gor – there’s more things to consider like caste or the different types of slaves.  Nobody in GE Gor is that picky.

Depending on the type of character you choose to be is how you should dress.  If you are a slave, you are pretty much naked and limited on weapon choices.  Slaves are not allowed to have bows or swords.

If you are going to be a freewoman, you need to wear longer dresses and have the majority of your body covered.  You can have swords and bows.  I am a freewoman but I prefer to have the better weapons and be able to dress over the top.

On an additional note, if you are super horny and looking for pixel ass than a slave is kind of the way to go.  They get captured and violated  more frequently.

There’s other characters you can pick like panthers, red savages etc. but that would have to be another discussion.


Find a group to join!

Here’s the stats page:

Under the section of the Top 44 sims – those are clickable landmark links.  This is a good start to check out all the groups.

See group / raid page for more info.

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