Gor Terminology: (in no particular order)


Type that in your chat bar to let go of a leash that you are holding.  (You can also make this a gesture)


Type that in the cat bar if you want to shorten the leash that you are holding.


Type that in your chat bar if you want to yank the person whose leash you are holding. (Many people get upset if you .yank – so I would use .length instead)

GC = Group Chat

TS = Team speak  (A voice communicate program for groups of people)

Vent = (A voice communicate program for groups of people)

Discord = (A voice communicate program for groups of people)

OOC = Out of Character

IC = In Character

AFK = Away from Keyboard

BRB = Be right back

FC = Free companion

FW = Free Woman

Beast/Slut = Female slave

Thrall = Male Slave

Kurri = Ugly looking creature who is bigger than a human and stronger

Tal = Hello

Kajira =well trained southern female slave

Jarl = Master from the north

Bond = Female slave from the north

Master = Can be a free man from the north or south

Mistress = Freewoman from the north or south

Green = Doctor

Slave wine = Wine that a slave drinks so she doesn’t get pregnant

Priest Kings = Important people in the books but normally nobody gives a shit in Second Life Gor.

Gor Hub = a place where you can find people to chat with about gor things.  (Often trolls and perverts)

Lockpick = During battle, it might be request of you to lock pick.  You go to the door.  Click it with your mouse. There will be a menu.  Click on pick lock.

Steal keys = A phrase used for when you have to tie somebody up and drag them to the door; type out an emote and click on the door – pick the option to steal keys. (See Roleplay section)

Bandage = to give somebody extra energy.  A person might request you to bandage them. Click on your GM meter box at the top of your screen. Click Bandage and then click on their name.

Stay still until the bandage is completely done.  After the bandage is done; you have a 1 minute wait period before you can bandage anybody else.

Bind = It means to tie somebody up.  (See Roleplay section)

Cap = captive

Mod = Moderator

Raid Group = A group that announces raids & rescues

TP = Teleport

Group Tag = A tag to show what group you belong to.

In the red = means your meter is in the red and you are close to being down for 5 minutes.

Down = If you get hit enough; you can be downed and you are in a bubble for 5 minutes.

Unbind time = the time you have before you can unbind

Melee = a close range type weapon like sword, stick or polearm. Etc.

Range = a distance weapon like a bow or throwing rocks. Etc.

Slave Weapons = Weapons that slaves can use.  They are set to lower damage.  Slaves cannot use any bladed weapon nor can they use a bow.

Mini Map = a small map in the corner of your screen that you can see where friendlies or foes are at.

Marking = It’s encouraged to mark your team & your foes in different colors so you can tell who is who.

Contact sets = An option to add people and it will mark them in a certain color so you don’t have to keep marking them in every raid or rescue.

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