Netflix: Murder Mystery (Review)

Netflix:  Murder Mystery

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston


A couple try to solve murder mystery aboard a rich dude’s yacht. (This was another take on the board game “Clue.”)


I like both of these actors and seen them do great things in other movies but this was a dumpster fire.   I think the direction of the movie was supposed to be light and funny.   It just wasn’t funny. Everything in this movie was predictable and because of that, there were no laugh out loud moments not for me anyway.  It was too the point that I felt the movie was trying too hard. Most of the situations were unrealistic and over the top. The dialog was extra cringe, I had to just close my eyes and weep.  Although, I say that, it wasn’t the worst film I have ever seen.

Recommend:  D+

If you are looking for some back ground sound and a time waster of a movie, then this is perfect.