Get Smart With Gacha

Get smart with Gacha!

Gacha has become a major player in the Second Life game.  Gacha machines are literally everywhere and thousands of players are throwing real cash away in hopes of winning that awesome virtual prize. In a sense, gacha is becoming legal gambling. It is a game, so if you want to save money, sometimes it is better to quit while you are ahead.

Now, I cannot tell you how to win that fantastic rare but I can give you tips on which machines will have better odds.

Rare Percentage:

If you are interested in playing a certain machine, it is best to figure out what your odds are to begin with. Each owner of the gacha machine can set their own percentage so not all machines will be the same.  A decent gacha game will have their rares set to 10% or higher.  If it is lower than that, I am not even sure it will be worth playing but that is something you need to decide on.

How to tell the rare percentage:

1.    Right click (mouse) on the machine.  You will see a circular menu.

2.    Click edit

3.    A new box will pop up.  Under general tab and below the name text box, it will say “Description” and then a text box beside it.   Reading that:  it will say something to the effect of “Rare 10%” or maybe just a percentage.  That will be your percentage for the rare. 

4.    Close out of that box.


The percentage is per pull and not for all your combined pulls.  So even if you play the machine 20 times, your odds do not get better.  Each time you play is a fresh game.

How to figure out your odds with your percentage:

The best way to tell if you have a good chance on winning that rare is by how many prizes are in the machine.  You will have to study the vendor picture.  You have a better chance of winning rares with a machine that has a small number of prizes.  For example, if the machine has 50 commons and 1 rare, your chances are low for winning that rare but if the machine has 10 commons and 1 rare, there is a better and higher chance for that rare.

If your percentage is 10% and the machine has 10 items:  1/10 chance

If your percentage is 10% and the machine has 50 items:  5/50 chance

What is it really worth?

Another thing players forget to factor in, is the real cost of the item. Let us say you are trying to win a rare dress.  What would that dress actually be worth if you bought a similar dress in the store.  I would say maybe around L350 on the high end of the pay scale.

If you played the machine 5 times at the cost of L50 each spin, you just spent L250.  That is still under the worth of the dress.  If you played it 20 times, well, you just spent L1000. Is the item really worth that?  Decide how much you want to spend on that machine before you play it and move on when you reach that limit.


You also need to like or want the commons in the machine because you will be winning those.  If you do not want the commons, just skip the machine.  There are other places to find that rare and I will list that below.

Machines to avoid:

Here are some types of machines to avoid or at least think about before playing.

1.    Machines where the outfit has been split up into multi different pieces as prizes and then divided up again into crap load of colors.  The chances of you winning the completed outfit and having each piece in the right color will cost more than it is worth. 

2.    Too many common prizes like more than 20.

3.    Rare percentage is under 10%

4.    Common prizes all suck.

5.    If you fail to receive a prize after first pull.   Wait a few minutes and see if you get one, if not move on.  It might be a Second Life glitch or the machine is not functioning properly.  Most designers will not refund your money for SL glitches but do yourself a favor and do not keep putting money into it in hopes that the machine will suddenly start working. 

Getting the prize with different means:

If you really want the prize and do not want to play the machine- here are some other ways to find it.

1.    Go to SL gacha yard sales.  They are all over the place.

2.    Marketplace – Use the search feature to find what you need.

3.    Join a gacha trade group -watch the chat and read the notices.

Joining a gacha trade group can be beneficial because after the 1st or 2nd day of the gacha event; people will go out of their minds and spend excessively and then have too many items.  They often will go into chat and try to bulk sell those items at much lower prices.  Therefore, if the machine is charging L50, many of these people will sell that same item for L20.  It is worth watching if you are looking for something in particular at a cheap price.


Thanks for reading and happy gacha!

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