Way to make money or get free stuff in Second Life.

Ways to get money & free stuff in Second Life.

Here are some ideas if you are stuck on how to earn linden or how to get free stuff.

Note A lot of designers will say “Free” but will actually mean “1L” 

These ideas are in way a means to replace or become a real- life job.  You won’t earn that much money but you will earn extra linden to buy your avatar some pretty things.


Beginner Level:

1.       Camping:  Camping is one of the easiest. Basically, you park your avatar at some location that has camping set up and it will pay you something absurd like 1L every hour.  The reason for camping is because these locations want the appearance of traffic and willingly to pay people to stand around.  Camping pays but it takes forever to earn anything.  There are some places that let people camp for prizes, for example, 1-hour camping equals to 1 outfit.

2.       Lucky Boards – Lucky boards look like a sign with a prize on it and it’s scripted to be a game of chance.  Each board will have a letter on it and if that letter is the beginning of your avatars name; then you are able to click that board and win the prize.  The letter is based on the owner’s setting but it usually changes every few minutes to every hour.  You can read the board and it will let you know how many minutes it’s set to change. Traffic is the main reason stores use this tactic but you can get free prizes if you wait around long enough.  The prizes are usually decent because designers want people to wait around in their store and most often will have more than one.

3.       Midnight Madness Boards – Midnight madness boards are a little different than lucky boards.  The designers still want traffic but their aim is for you to visit the store and actually look around.  The midnight madness board will have a prize listed on it and a target goal.  The goal is to have a set amount of people to click the board before midnight.  The settings on these boards will vary. One board may only need 50 people and another board will want 200 people to click it. The goal is to have the customer click the board and then teleport all their friends so they can click the board too reaching the set goal before midnight so everybody will win the prize. Prizes are usually pretty nice because again, they want you to like the prize and click on the board.

4.       Group Gifts:  A lot of stores give out free gifts (sometimes they mean 1L gifts – so watch for that) because they want you to join their store group.  I have seen some store gifts be absolute shit and some that were really good.  It gets a bit tricky because some stores will want you to pay to join their group (It can range from 50L to 1500L) before you can get the free gift.  Which in a sense, makes it not free.  Not all stores operate like that though.


Skilled level:

1.       Club dancers & stripper:  This doesn’t take much skill but you need a little to at least socialize with people.  If you aren’t good at being friendly then you are fucked.  You certainly don’t need any dancing or stripping skills.  You basically click a pose ball and you will start to dance.   Then at the right moment, detach your clothes and voila!  Tip jars are in place for patrons to tip you.

2.       Escorts:  This one will require a little more skill than a stripper.  You have to be able to detach your clothes, click a sex pose ball and be able to type out sexual responses to somebody desperate enough to pay for cartoon sex.  (Oddly, there is a lot of people) You will need speedy typing skills and be able to sound like you are sincerely having a good time.  As an escort, the pay on average is higher than a stripper.

3.       Club Host:   Many clubs hire people to be greeters. You will just have to welcome people to the club and spout random nonsense to appear to be an interesting person.  In between your talking and welcoming, it’s important to play annoying gestures over and over.  It’s a fairly simple job that just requires you to type a lot and maybe gesture making.

4.       Club DJ:  If you have a lot of music in your personal library and have a few hours to spare every week then you might give Dj’ing a go.  Clubs all over Second Life are hiring Dj’s.  Some will require you to voice chat to the customer and some you can just type out what you are going to play etc.  For this job, you may need a music stream (not always), your own music library, and maybe a decent voice.

5.       Customer Service Representative:  Many stores are so large that they need extra help answering their customer’s questions so they hire people to help their customers make their purchases.  You would have to get familiar with the stores products and be able to answer questions politely.

6.       Models:  Some stores like to display their products on live models.  You won’t need any skills.  You just stand for hours and do nothing.  This is under the skilled section because you actually need money to make your avatar look good before you can be a model and it can be expensive to get to that level. 

7.       Bloggers:  You don’t get money from this but if you are good then you can get some pretty nice stuff.  You must have a blog and be able to take pictures.

8.       Social media manager: Some designers and events don’t have time to market themselves on social media.  I’m not sure how much it pays or if it’s for exchange of products. 

9.       Rental Manager:  Rent out your land or work for somebody else as a rental manager.  This would pay in lindens.  It would else require you to spend a lot of time talking to people and helping them with their endless questions.

10.   Land Flipper:  Buy some land at a really cheap price and put a house with some furniture on it (All transferable) and then sell everything at a higher price.

11.   Breedables:  Find some breedable pet and breed them together.  People will buy the pets with good traits.  You will have to do a lot of research to figure out which ones are popular and then study up on genetics.

12.   Breedable Auctioneer:  Yes, this is a real job.  You would have to get on voice with a crowd of people and sell breedable pets.  You would get a % of the profits from each sale.

13.   Sim Designer: This is a job where you would design a whole sim based on what your customer wants.  You can get paid a lot but you would have to first invest a lot to get all the designing items you need.  Some customers want the items under their name in which case, they would pay for the items.  You would need a portfolio as well to some customers your work.

14.   Designers:  You could design and sell your own products.  This would require a lot of skill and a lot of hard work.


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